Gold dust

They spat on us and retreated only when were soaked The cracks under our feet severely deepened into hate Heard was the sound of the breaking of our brother’s neck;  â€¦all for a morsel of bread. They tossed the spades to us for the digging of our sister’s grave. Severed by the white words of […]

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“Listen more to the one who criticizes you and less to the one who praises you. Learn from them and do something about it.”_Paul Kagame

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A state of being

I’m torn by hypocricy By a being that feeds on theocracy I suffer not from illiteracy But from that particular parasitic grandstander that hides behind democracy The ‘’forgotten people’’ shall rage theirs wars  Behind their minds, barred by a fringe of fear A bullet for a dissident A pit for a renegade A monument, a […]

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Pieces of me

I shall look for in you I won’t find in you So I’ll take parts of you And assimilate into me Pieces of me I will leave with them, with you, with the next one I will seek in them, in you, in the next one Pieces of you You will seek in me But […]

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“Third World is a state of the mind and until we change our attitude as Africans, if there is a fourth, fifth and even sixth world, we will be in it“. -Patrick Lumumba

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Dear African Man

“When a father beats a child he does it out of anger,but when a mother beats her child she does it out of love”. – African Proverb I just wanted to let you know that It is okay to cry, to be afraid, to be intimidated There is nothing wrong with breaking down, when The […]

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I could love you 3000, But the littlest love I have Is not that Marvelous And I am neither Captain Marvel Nor am I invincible.

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