My first book is out!🌸

So yes, I just managed to publish one of my first works.

Here’s a short synopsis:

After slaving off his childhood in the Kasoni prison, for a crime he committed as a child, Bobo returns to his village with insurmountable wealth. Although an illegitimate son to the great Chief Sharu, Bobo ultimately occupies the throne after feuds and clashes with his family, and the community. The once prosperous and peaceful village of Bengesi is shaken during Bobo’s rule. Unwilling to let go of power,Bobo decides to challenge the gods who are also relentless in proving their might. How long will Bobo hold onto his power before he meets the sword of the gods? Is there more to Bobo and his rulership than what meets the eye? And what secret is Roshi, his wife, hiding? Discover the great tribulations met by the Bengesi village during Bobo’s unusually ruthless reign, in this mystically thrilling adventure.

Genre: Fiction, African Fantasy, Mystery

Authors: Lucille Sambo, Humphrey Sambo (Co-Author)

Check the link below:

Happy Read!🌠

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