What is success to you?

I took a chance to ask myself what success means,what it means to me,and how to attain “it”.I’ll give you a moment to ask yourself the same question?What does it mean to be successful?What is the criteria that measures success? Here’s what I think.I think that in answering that question, whatever success is to you,the answer revolved around happiness right? It always almost does right?
I got to asking myself; who are the most successful people I know? Without even thinking too hard about it names like Steve Jobs,Michelle Obama,Bill Gates,Dangote came flooding in my head, but one word common amongst these people “Achievement”. They’ve all achieved something remarkably incredible without a doubt, from an earthly point of view of course.So in that regard we see how one’s achievements are Paramount in deciding who’s successful and who is simply “wasting away oxygen and space”. Here’s what I feel success is all about in 4 points:


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Energy in my opinion is a Godly form of communication. It’s that unspoken language hovering all around us. When you meet someone for the first time,without even uttering a single word your energies would have already vibrated and communicated. So whatever is said henceforth will not affect how you feel about that person because your energy has already decided for you.Quick example: Have you ever had an encounter where you don’t vibe with someone, and you can’t really pin point exactly what the problem is but you fight it, try to like the person but your heart is just not set.That’s because you’re not vibrating at a similar frequency,simple.And the moment you as a person realise that energy is key, you’ll try harder to protect yourself. Ever wondered what they mean by “You attract what you are”? That’s energy. So in as much as we like to vet ourselves, judging ourselves and elevating ourselves up on that high horse, at the end you are the company you keep, you are the people you vibe with.🌊
I believe that success is in realising that energy is everything.Energy is in the time you give to things you love, family and ever elevating yourself. And at the end of the day, you are the energy you give to things you are passionate about.You are the energy you give to your purpose.


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It’s incredulous what a lazy people we have generally become,ever receiving and being spoon fed,content with whatever society serves us. I believe success is not measured by how many Instagram followers you have,how famous you are or how much people are around you. Success is best illuminated when you are able to challenge yourself, sorrounding yourself with people who challenge your thinking capacity,and ever breaking your own rules and boundaries. And if being famous,and influential are a result,those are just bonuses,but remember those aren’t the main goals. It should be every human being’s aim to be Efficient but not Famous. And it all takes growth for one to understand that there are literally no limits to what we as human beings can achieve. You may be a lawyer today, a swimmer tomorrow and a music producer tomorrow etc.Point is : Do not be enslaved by a societal label you might have been reputed for.If you want a perfect body,go work for it,hit the gym and don’t be lazy wallowing in self pity.Work on yourself.You werent born perfect and each breath and day you are given is a chance to redeem yourself, move yourself closer to perfection.Laziness is not sexy,Self pity is worse.Through growth you will find that you are more than just a singer or mechanic. So keep expanding your skills and expertise. What’s not Godly about that? Do you think God knew his strength before he created earth?Before he separated the waters from the land?Before he crafted Adam and Eve?I don’t think he did.He just created.Simple as that.So I say to you,accept the challenge of growth,create and watch your success embody you.

Independent thinking:

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In a world where everyone is getting offended by this or getting triggered by that, it’s vital for one to stay true to themselves and keep a straight head. We live in a world where we are literally being forced to accept ideologies we don’t understand, and we do so because we are afraid of being persecuted.But tell me, what kind of a world would it be if we all believed that the colour turquoise was Blue?What about those who see Green? And what about those who can’t decide whether it’s Blue or Green?And what about those who are colorblind?What happens to them? So my point is, e.g If you’re you don’t understand gay people or the agenda behind transgender people, or maybe you don’t agree with Religion and so forth.That is okay…Remember that tolerance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be an advocate of every societal agenda.Please remember that is okay to say Yes when everyone else is saying No. Its alright to be ‘politically’ wrong.It’s okay to crawl when everyone else is seems to be flying. Refuse to be controlled by the politics of the day. Do not be carried away by trends or every winds that sweep through the people around you.You are your own person.There’s a reason why we have different brains.There’s areason why there’s no megamind out there on some huge motherboard connected to everyone.We are different.We understand things differently. Success lays in being able to accept and understand why other people think the way they do,without necessarily altering your own thought process. Having an independent mind is success to me,thinking your own way, going left when everyone is taking right,even if left leads to hell.Remember it’s your journey, not theirs.


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What drives you? That’s principle,a way of life.Everyone is guided by principles, consciously or subconciously and whatever you do is determined by the principles you have acquired in life.Principles can be negative as well.If you respond to everything that triggers you on social media,that’s principle, but at the end it either leaves you drained or empowered. So I feel that it’s a virtue to be guided by good principles,not morals,but principles. Principles should be the driving force behind your grind,your hustle,your interaction with people at the same time respecting your own space and beliefs. My own are derived from the bible,Qur’an and my own life experiences.Even though at times I compromise my own principles, I am of the school of thought that each human being should set certain rules and principles for themselves, that will only enable growth and a better understating of life it self. So it does not matter where your principles come from, the question is are they good and how are they working for you? Don’t be afraid to change your principles,if saying out your every thought isn’t doing you any good then just take the other route.Life is a huge trial and error game.No one expects you to get it the first time,and like I said,It’s your journey, not theirs. And do remember that not everything deserves your reaction.

Final Note:

Success is a personal enigma.You cannot compare someone’s success to yours because after all you are in your own boat.And remember that it doesn’t always manifest in a huge car or an overflowing bank account. Understanding yourself and those around you. Being kind to strangers, selflessly giving your time and energy to those in need, breaking boundaries, discovering the world, being forgiving,expanding your understanding,learning wisdom,protecting yourself,sharing your happy success,working on your flaws,putting God over Guts.That’s success.

Photo credits: IG @thexelash

14 thoughts on “What is success to you?

  1. hello Afro_Watermelo, it’s been a thrill and fantastic pleasure to read your topics about African culture and your powerful representation of African women and leaders 💙💙. May you continue to shine bright and it is wonderful that you have viewed my writings aswell, thank you very much 🤘🤘😆

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      1. Wow this means alot 🤩🤩🤩. To know that my words can touch someone else this way, is humbling haha. I’m glad — it’s completely unexpected and very sweet 💕😆

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      1. I see. I double checked and he’s got a private profile. He has great talent that the world needs to see; let him know since you two are connected!
        Thanks again for sharing this necessary message and his work❤︎

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