3 Reasons why Africa will remain the tail of the world.


1. Corruption

The impact of corruption cannot be underestimated. Roughly 43 per cent of Africans are living in poverty while over US$50 billion worth of stolen assets flow out of Africa every year. That’s money that could be used to invest in jobs and social services, where additional resources are needed most.
Widespread lack of development – from Zimbabwe to Libya – is reinforced by extensive corruption schemes, which scare off investors and discourage further development. Misappropriated funds account for a 25 per cent loss of development resources in Africa.
Individuals and families are also affected. In Sub-Saharan Africa one in two citizens reported paying a bribe for land services, like registering property and stopping their family homes from being taken away.
Corruption has become the norm. The shame that used to be attached to it has been annihilated. It starts from small things as ‘’gifts’’, ‘’tips’’ or even bribing a civil servant. Apparently in total 10% Of Africa’s GDP is spent on corruption. That’s the money that could be used towards developing Africa.
Here is one thing I want us all to understand. Corrutpion is not persay a ‘’unique phenomina’’ in Africa. We look at other continents and it is equally a major dysfunction.But the difference now comes to the extent the Corruption affects the common man. Here’s an easy example. In the US a business man could use his/her connections to strike a major business deal, but the revenue will still find its way to the pockets of the common man. Whereas in Africa, the same thing will take place but there still will be no employment created. If at all the common man will be more likely to be extensively exploited.
How do we eliminate corruption?
In my opinion, corruption is from the top to the bottom. What do I mean? I am trying to say there is no way a citizen (bottom) will not be pushed to be corrupt if the big guns at the top themselves do publically involve themselves in illicit dealings. Corruption in itself is literally not a bad thing, but the intentions behind the corruption are the difference between Africa and the First World countries. Trust me if I could be corrupt the whole year just to give my people a good transport system, good education and employment, I would.
The problem with Africa is self gratification, looking at our present leaders. Most of the leaders we vote for have never been on a plane until they become government officials. When you elect a poor and poorly minded president that is we get. You see someone flying in a multi-million Dollar private jet to beg for donations less than the cost of his transport. It doesn’t make sense but that is the sad reality. We as citizens do what we see our leaders do. They are our example. So as long as we continue to entertain our corrupt leaders, Africa as a whole can forget about alleviating it. I mean if the heart of an apple is rotten, what do you expect will happen to the rest of the apple?


2. Religion

Religion. Religion. Religion. Where do we start? I mean this one has two sides as well, but one overweighs the other (in my opinion) which is why I guess it has found itself as one of the reasons as to why Africa will remain in the dark.
Africa unlike any other continent is currently facing a tremendous rise in self proclaimed prophets. That is how poverty has punished a common man who thinks just because they know the story of Adam and Eve think they can deliver a nation. When you actually attend one of these Pentecoastal churches, one will be moved by the overwhelming energy. That is fine. The sermons usually entail of 20% poorly constructed jokes,30% prosperity based preaching, 10% guilt tripping those who fail to pay tithe 20% how the pastor managed to buy another car,10% the ‘’word of God’’ (usually daily devotionals one would have already read in the morning before leaving for church) and another 10% of total digression. Most Africans will devote more than 12hours just to hear these man repeat what they said the previous week.
From my observation it isn’t mostly about worshipping God persay, but instead to supply the congregants with some form of stress relief(which is of course not their main aim but just a consequence). Churches have become our Therapy. After 12 hours of hearing someone screaming that ‘’The promotion is coming! Good health is coming! Your marriage is coming! Healing is coming. Jesus loves you” you do actually go home feeling like you are at a better position to face the next coming day. We have become too gullible and these people know that we have become malleable. The notion that ‘’God is for the poor’’ has proven itself. I mean in Zimbabwe itself, factories that used to function as we grew up are now being turned into churches. It is not a reflection on the opportunistic parasitic nature of our church leaders, but rather of our ever failing government. I mean a strong believer myself, I still believe that hard work is still of the essence.
The only problem is that believers of this new disposition want God to do all the work. Whereas before it was Pray,Work, Work,Work now it is Work,Pray,Pray,Pray. I mean 12 hours at church? What are you still doing there? Who are you still talking to? I’m sure by then the God who never slumbers would be asleep. These days we are abusing God, abusing Jesus. I mean you smoke everyday and just when the consequences start kicking in you want Jesus to give you new lungs. I believe in miracles, but not that type. That is absurd. We need to start taking responsibility as human beings and stop abusing religion. If there is a hell, most of us will burn there not because we are filthy sinners, but because we simply abused God. That is how religion is destroying Africa. Religon was meant to be pure, an Oasis, a disciplinary instrument…but the preachers we chose to listen to it have twisted it to suit their exploitative machinations and perverted it down to the core. Instead on working on it we are praying for it. If Nike was run by a Christian its motto wouldn’t be ‘’Just do it’’ but rather ‘’Just pray for it’’. I hope you understand my message.
It is easy to side against our emerging spiritual leaders. Just as we have established that our church leaders have become our Therapists, therapists do come at a price right? Them living lavishly, going on expensive trips, changing cars every month. That is them. They have earned it. If there is anyone to blame it is us. It’s like preaching to thousands of congregants yet being paid the salary equivalent to a hundred therapists.
People do not understand that the governance of a nation, is the heart of a nation. We as people are a reflection of our government. Always.


3.Judicial systems

This goes without saying. The Laws in place in Africa generally speaking is A Okay. The people who implement it now. It’s not being implemented at all. Looking at it, it almost feels like most of us are stuck in the Napoleonic Era. Not the progressive Napoleonic Era just the Dictatorship aspect of it. I do not know how many blog posts I have to write to make my leaders know that dictatorship doesn’t only mean embezzling government finances or silencing opposition. It also means creating development, we are talking infrastructural development and sincere patriotism. The pressing issue is that our leaders are only worried about with whom to strike the next ‘’major deal’’ so that they can have some champagne on their tables at night when they dine at the expense of their people.
Look at America. It is literally impossible to rule for more than your term, let alone 37 years. It is absurd yes. But it only shows how we are not governed by Law. It shows that our leaders are above the Law. The American Republicans and Democrats understand that power is addictive and can create some things never seen in leaders. Therefore they make sure their leaders themselves are still law abiding citizens who are answerable to it. Here in Africa once one becomes president, they switch the law to make themselves President for life.The moment they do they sleep on the job. Hiding behind democracy is one thing but betraying the revolution is another. It’s almost as if most African countries gained independence just so they can further oppress themselves ;even more brutal than our colonizers.

But then again these are just my opinions. Do you think I left something else? Feel free to comment below.

22 thoughts on “3 Reasons why Africa will remain the tail of the world.

  1. Excellent article! Corruption and religion go hand-in-hand. Our judicial systems protect those in power and punish the weak and vulnerable.

    To address this corrupt and corrosive system that affects us all, not only in Africa but also across our planet, we have to destroy its roots. The answer lies within your closing observation:

    “It’s almost as if most African countries gained independence just so they can further oppress themselves; even more brutal than our colonizers.”

    Bob Marley (1945-1981), Jamaican Reggae singer and songwriter, understood well our predicament as independent nations. In “Redemption Song,” he warns us:

    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery / None but ourselves can free our minds”

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  2. Corruption is hindering development. It’s impossible to a driver’s licence unless you bribe someone. It doesn’t matter if you passed or not, as long you don’t bribe then there’s no hope for you. it’s everywhere, all sectors of government, seeping down to the public and ruining our lives. Religion and the Judicial system affect each other. There’s no separation of state and these laws born from religion that seeks to keep women down and only a few are considered favoured. There’s so much wrong with Africa and I’ve lost all hope for this beautiful continent.

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  3. I love you posts and the way you openly blur it out. And more so, those images mwa. I hate people who act all religions yet they are complete arsholes. And it sucks that own Judiciary system is encapsulated in corruption.

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  4. There are so many truths to your post. I am one to believe this could become a thing of the past, too. A small fishing village in China is now one of the biggest cities in the world in less than half a century. (Shenzhen)

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  5. Thank you. You raise critical issues affecting the African continent. I think there are two other issues that add salt to this wound. Firstly the exclusion of the youth in the development of the Future Africa hence a poor succession plan on who will be equipped to take over the reigns looking at the fact that we have a population divident and are the most youthful continent in the world. This lack in human development will affect us in the near future. The other issue that is really tearing us apart especially where I come from is the lack of unity among the people, tribalism. The societies are so fragmented and are ripe for all corrupt activities ranging from nepotism to day light thievery. I really hope that as young people we will be able to eradicate labeling each other and come together in our nations to fight against the things you have mentioned together. #TheAfricaThatWeWant


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