The Caster Semenya Verdict Review.

So Caster Semenya can’t continue to comptete with women because her testosterone levels are too high. Let that sink in.

Look I have no problem with their racists and prejudice fueled ruling but my only question is why now? Why are her Tetosterone levels only becoming an issue now? She has been winning all her entire Athlete life. She has lived all her athletic life as a good role model for all ‘’hyperandrogenic’’ athletes and what they just did her now, is a shame. Aren’t they the ones who told her to ‘Just do it’?

The African National Congress, the ruling party, issued a statement describing the judgment as “disheartening” and accused the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) of “acting in a prejudicial manner that divides rather than unites athletes”.

The new rules oblige “hyperandrogenic” athletes – those with “differences of sexual development” (DSD) – to lower their testosterone levels if they wish to compete as women.

They know they have blown her career. If she lowers her testosterone levels she will definitely lose even when running with other DSD athletes. The other option would be to run with men and again, her testosterone levels will not be sufficient still.

Be part of the movement. There’s power in numbers.Check out this link and vote for her.If you were triggered that’s if…

I guess South Africa must ask itself if Apartheid really is a thing of the past.


6 thoughts on “The Caster Semenya Verdict Review.

  1. As a Forensic Biologist and former cross country runner, plus a blogger about Embracing Awkwardness: aiming at fairness, let’s take a Common scenario of a privileged child competing with an orphan for a place in a high prestigious college. Hence scholarships for the under privileged to promote fairness. Please, let’s not miss use the race card, and also place other competitors into consideration.


  2. I read into the potential effects of these new rule and have concluded that they want to kill Caster. Misogynoir and white women tears have never allowed black women tp exist freely without limiting our excellence to pave way for white mediocrity. I’m shattered.

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