African Leaders of tomorrow.

Africa is not a ‘’country’’.I wish it was,but we have as a result bece so divided. Something you won’t see on your daily news paper though.

All you will see is some black President shaking hands with a foreign and not so black face after signing a ‘’major deal’’. And what do you see tomorrow, the same African comfortably jetting off to some fancy country, whilst his countrymen riot, and the police open fire against its own people. Again something you won’t see on the news.
Ask me what I celebrate on Independence day?
Independence from who?
Independence from what? That’s the question. Are we still oppressed? Very much so. Do have have freedom of speech. Not so much. Are we really free? Not a chance. Do I feel secure? Never. Am I suppressed in any way, economically, and politicall? Definitely.

Credits : IG @kiss.the.king

When it still feels like I am in bondage. I cannot say this without facing that, I can’t be that without facing this. What kind of life is that. I used to think that being colonized by a white imperialist was worse. Let me tell you what is worse. When your same god dammed black leader demagogue stands behind the national podium promising me a better life that never comes, but when the day ends he goes back to his presidential suite to sip foreign champagne and laughs about how cursed his nation is.

Hypocrites. Those black leaders you see delivering speeches making it seem as if it’s all rosy here in Africa, when infact they help the same imperialist siphon our God given wealth. Yes, hypocrites if not worse than the same imperialists. You know as Africans we like to think and be happy about the fact that we are no longer colonized. But there is another kind of Colonialism. The kind when a black leader betrays his people and comes back to oppress them again.

Credits : IG @da_vincii_c

My people are cowards. Just as I am doing now, all we do is talk. Talk, babble, rant, grumble and pray for better days. But tell me… What is it to a prayer when at the end of the day no one is willing to stand up against our false leaders. You speak you are offed during the night. One funny comment and you are imprisoned.

Credits: IG @kiss.the.king

My heart literally bleeds for my nation. I tell you Zimbabwe is one of the richest countries in Africa but no one even recognizes us. The government doesn’t care. What leader do I want? Controversial as it might sound I’d rather have the most outright gruesome but progressive dictatorship than a pretentious democracy that will still enslave you. I mean look at how France boomed during the times of Napoleon. Even Russia itself under the man steel, Joseph Stalin thrived. And most of these African leaders actually get some inspiration from these great legends. But the only thing they seem to learn is to Dictate but they still haven’t mastered the art of progressing using that same dictatorship.

You have people like Patrice Lumumba, potential upright leaders assassinated before they bloomed. And here we are stuck with the crappy hypocritical likes of…
But I mean…where do we get it wrong? We have gained independence but how do we explain countries like the DRC which are economically responsible to France? …ah! their leader is a puppet I’d say. But that’s easy to say. It’s more than that. These African leaders have betrayed the revolution. They have become Inglorious Bastards.
But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel right?

I actually wish the African youth was more invested in changing our continent. I mean, Instagram likes and followers will not get us anywhere when at the end of the day we go home to our demotivated, hungry, jobless brothers and sisters. Our leaders have become a total shame and insult to the African pride.
It is not enough to sit back and think things will solve themselves. We cannot hope for a better Africa with better leaders when we ourselves as ordinary Africans are not willing to put our lives on the line. It is not enough to grumble in queues for fuel. It is not enough to complain about the tremendous queues for basic necessities like bread. Do they not say ‘’necessity is the mother of invention’’? Well then is change not necessary? If it is then why can we not Re-invent our minds, hearts and souls to fight for the change we want?

Credits: IG @da_vincii_c

It’s better not to complain at all if we won’t do anything at all. I understand as the youth we are demoralized, I mean growing up we face intense hardships but that doesn’t mean we should be comfortable with every crappy leader that falls our way. I mean the future of nations lies within the hands of the youth. Us. You and me. If not so then why do we even bother to go to school huh? If it is not to change the world for the better?

Credits: IG @da_vincii_c

Our voices must be heard. Crying behind twitter and facebook is not enough. We need to go to war. We are the heart of Africa but it shall never stand if we are weak.We can’t hide behind gas masks and think that our message shall be heard.That makes no sense. We are more than gas masks and bandanas.We are strong and this is the time to prove it.

Credits: IG @da_vincii_va

But seeing as I am a positive person. I shall not leave this on a pessimistic tone. Here is one African leader I feel should be a role model to all African leaders.
(Roll the drums…)

Cyril Ramaphosa? Nope.

Muammar Gadaffi? No he’s dead

Robert Gabriel Mugabe? Not a chance.

Paul Kagame? Definitely.

(Pray this does not get me killed…yes people where I come from, small and simple posts like these get us killed and arrested.)

What do you think is the solution to African problems?

41 thoughts on “African Leaders of tomorrow.

  1. Sad to say, the African post-colonial experience you describe and decry is no different from that in the Caribbean and Latin America. The trauma of colonization remains ever-present within the present independent nations created by the European colonizers. I hope that Paul Kagame stands up to the test of time as your chosen role model to all African leaders.


  2. O M F G!!!! I am so fucking inlove with your with you awaken! I mean if you have the Caurage to say these powerfull looked over things! (hold on) welll got damn! I’m speachless! I have so much to say and not enough typing power! if you are willing to tell it like it is and take a real stand like this! be excepted and happy to embrace eny consequences that come with it…
    Im so fucking speechless to your consciousness it’s overwhelming to finnaly hear some won who thinks like me!
    you should call your blog (Holy Water) I swear!

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      1. Bruhhh…I just refuse to waste all those years in school…and then when I come out here act like I’m blind and unaffected by these things…people are outchea dying,getting shot and tortured…it’s real


      2. soo really…

        Reality is what people call negitivity now or days…

        they just ignore it and do shit that doesn’t matter…

        there is alot I could say but somethings just ain’t for everybody…

        Especially like religious stuff and other shit…

        I got a question for you… who did tribes pray to before Christianity and boy lov…. sorry… catholicism…

        who before the Europeans came for the resorces?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I got all the word ammo you need I promise you.

        I can’t hold all this imfo in my head yo!

        Trill shit…

        Or if you don’t want the right hand to no what the left hand is doing….

        I can shower you with some brainstorming and real topics(💯💯💯💯)!

        just email me….

        (strickly business)

        ya feels meeee!

        I like ya style…

        so we can definitely relate and create a trill revolutionary experience ya dig!

        for those who sleeping let joinn forces aND wake em the fuck up!.

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  3. An excellent post elaborating the great difficulties as lived by the whole of Africa.
    Politics certainly plays a major role in the lives of all people as well as the wildlife!
    It is painfully obvious in Africa while not so the USA. Here it is more subdued
    but nonetheless existent.
    My heart goes out to all people everywhere who are suffering at the hands of their leaders.
    A well written, well thought out, excellent post!


    1. I do try certainly to say it as it is, but trust me what you just read there was still as filtered as possible. I hope one day we all get the confidence to say it like it really is without facing any retribution. Thank you.

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  4. Got mixed feelings. generally, I like the post and agree with the message being conveyed. I also agree with the fact that youth need to be less focused on fame and western practices and learn more about the African culture, in the hopes that they’ll make a better tomorrow for the upcoming generations.
    As for colonialism. it happened, it wasn’t right but it did. We can either complain about the effects of colonialism of make change towards the right directions. Colonialist cause a lot of damage to African cultures but they also benefited Africans, e.g education.
    I liked your post and about to check out your blog for more post. Keep expressing yourself 🙂


    1. Hhmm have you read The Ghosts of Leopold? The one about the invasion of the Congo and the likes….please do read it.

      We should complain about Colonialism. It paved way for Africa to be exploited,especially economically… And if you are in touch with your politics you will see it is still happening now.
      Colonialism hindered Africa’s natural development. If we were left to our own devices who knows,we could have been far ahead and not the tail of the world.
      What you said about not speaking put about Colonialism is parallel to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.How could one not complain when till this day children are being born abnormally deformed and sad?I hope you get my message.


      1. I do understand what you’re saying, my point is sometimes we complain so much about what has happened and do nothing with the present or the future.
        Yes colonialism paved the way for the exploitation of African countries, no one justifies that it happened, but if we speak about it and educate others about it but do nothing to progress the current situation in Africa, what good is it.
        Just like our ancestors, we can do something to make change, and not prioritize talking or complaining about what has happened. And when we complain let it go hand in hand with actions

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      2. I understand you.But looking at my fellow African leaders at the moment…they are so relaxed…they act as if they have nothing to lose at all. It’s painful to watch.


      3. That’s quite true. I think we need to find ways to create awareness, afterall we are the ones who vote for them (in some scenarios). Youth have a powerful voice and can make a great impact in our communities, we just need to realize it.


  5. Thank you for writing this – it needs to be said although carrying it through will need a genuine young people’s uprising and that would certainly result in bloodshed. The powerful do not give up their wealth easily as you will have already witnessed during the many attempts to get Mugabe to step aside. I hope posts like this one will be a rallying cry for the youth in Zimbabwe and other countries throughout Africa. Good luck – I shall be reading your future posts with interest 🙂

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  6. Having leaders who care for their country; parents/relatives who believe in and respect children’s opinions. As someone stated, small steps. There’s still hope my dear 🤔😧👊

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  7. Wow this post is on point! It’s so true I’m fed up of complaining online, action needs to take place. As young people it’s normal for us to feel like things aren’t going to change however we all have a role to place in the liberation of our people, state/ countries. Very important that we do something even if that looks like volunteering in your community. Great post!

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