An African Woman

Photo Credits : IG @gmb_arts

“Teach her that if you criticize X in women but do not criticize X in men, then you do not have a problem with X, you have a problem with women”. –Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

An African woman
Defined by her deeds not her scars
Perfection accentuated by a heart full of seeds
And she slaves off towards her needs.

A head congested with futuristic solutions
A bosom that shelters and feeds a bereaved nation
A chest-garden; a language that breeds life.

An African woman
She is a revolutionary figure that struggles tenaciously against inequality
She walks through the valley of the shadow of death to break her silence
A silence her predecessors were imprisoned by
She is not afraid of criticism
But rather disgusted by male chauvinism
That suffocates her heroism…

An African woman
With every ounce of melanin in her veins
With every delicate Bantu knot on her head
With each elephant printed wrapper around her waist
With every curve that seperates her from her rivalry
…with every blue/black patch on her eyes;
Her vision is not blurred but rather affirmed.

An African woman
She is not deterred by pompous men’s fists
She is a river that never runs out of life
She refuses to be constrained by the ghosts of her past
She knows no limits besides the ones she sets for herself
She is not defined by her pain, but rather her strength
She is an elephant that never tires from its tusks
She is that undiscovered delicate gem under the soils of Africa.

An African woman
Rejected by those who aren’t willing to see beyond her traditional typicality
Denounced by social intricacies that fail to see beyond her waistline
Frowned upon by each and every tower of oppression that opposes her
Ability to be innovative and distinct
Ignored by those uninterested in seeing her flush the pipes of injustice
Shredded into pieces by the voices of her wailing children
…but definitely and naturally designed for glory.

An African woman
Stands confident behind her convictions
Unquestionably strengthened by her afflictions
Is never fooled by political fictions
And will never slumber until she dissolves patriarchal inflictions.

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