Black Girl

Photo Creds : IG @kiss.the.king

Black girl

I know these words might come as a shock but,
Black girl you rock
Wear your pride upon your sleeves
Lift up your voice to a song of reactionary change
They do not understand, no they never will

Photo Credits : IG @alittletooafrican

Like a fortress, they tear you down but,
As the morning phoenix you recreate yourself
You shall shape yourself into a woman,
Not wonder Woman, but yes you shall be a

Photo Credits : IG @alittletooafrican

The softest echo from you they won’t hear but,
Sooner or later thunder shall accompany your voice
As you tear down the marginal lines they put for you.
As you make them realize beyond your waistline.
Yours is a force to be reckoned with

Photo Credits : IG @gmb_arts

He doesn’t know your capability but,
He tells you that he’s the best thing about you
That maybe you are not light enough to attract
His light
Little does he know of the fire burning behind your bosom.

Photo Credits : IG @gmb_arts

A lot of you might have been lost but,
If you awaken you shall
Discover yourself and find that
That you are more than just
A black girl.

Photo Credits : @kiss.the.king

48 thoughts on “Black Girl

      1. She was amazing. I remember giving my son’s teacher a book of her quotes and I saw the look of disappointment on her face when she opened it. How could anyone not be inspired by her?


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