My first book is out!🌸

So yes, I just managed to publish one of my first works. Here’s a short synopsis: After slaving off his childhood in the Kasoni prison, for a crime he committed as a child, Bobo returns to his village with insurmountable wealth. Although an illegitimate son to the great Chief Sharu, Bobo ultimately occupies the throne […]

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What is success to you?

I took a chance to ask myself what success means,what it means to me,and how to attain “it”.I’ll give you a moment to ask yourself the same question?What does it mean to be successful?What is the criteria that measures success? Here’s what I think.I think that in answering that question, whatever success is to you,the […]

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“Third World is a state of the mind and until we change our attitude as Africans, if there is a fourth, fifth and even sixth world, we will be in it“. -Patrick Lumumba

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Dear African Man

“When a father beats a child he does it out of anger,but when a mother beats her child she does it out of love”. – African Proverb I just wanted to let you know that It is okay to cry, to be afraid, to be intimidated There is nothing wrong with breaking down, when The […]

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I could love you 3000, But the littlest love I have Is not that Marvelous And I am not Captain Marvel Neither am I invincible.

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African Leaders of tomorrow.

Africa is not a ‘’country’’.I wish it was,but we have as a result bece so divided. Something you won’t see on your daily news paper though. All you will see is some black President shaking hands with a foreign and not so black face after signing a ‘’major deal’’. And what do you see tomorrow, […]

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